Electric vehicles come with basically everything you need, including the ev charging cable.

However, there exists a group of people that go ahead to purchase extra cables for “rainy days”

Here are a few reason why these people might not be so crazy after al.

It’s only logical

The fact that getting a spare charger is only logical means that while it is practical, you can choose not to follow the rule.

Getting a spare charger for your electric vehicle definitely is a good idea because at the end of the day, you really don’t know when your standard charging cable will develop a fault.

There are various reasons why you can develop a fault with your electric vehicle’s charging cable, and it’s not particularly like these cables notify you or let you know when they’re about to stop working.

In order to avoid getting stranded or not being able to charge your car for some reason or the other, it is actually logical for you to get a spare charging cable for you electric vehicle.

Changing prices

This is a bit of a speculative and economic reason, but it is definitely a viable reason nonetheless. A lot of people believe that things like electric charging cables are subject to changing and varying prices… and don’t get it wrong. Most of them actually are.

So to save some money, they go ahead to buy extra charging cables and save them for days when the cables become too expensive.

Put it like this; if an additional charging cable costs £100+ today and you get it, there’s a probability that the price goes even higher in the future. If it does, you won’t particularly have problem because you’ve already gotten a cable that can serve you n rainy days

Faster charging is also a prospect

Charging cables come with different charging speed, and it is possible that the one you have for your electric vehicle just isn’t fast enough so its important you choose the correct charging cable for your cable connector (Type 1 EV Cable OR Type 2 EV Cable). A different charge can provide much faster charging, which will also help in situations when you need your car charged quicker than normal.

Keep your standard charger for day-today activities, and the faster spare for times when you’re in a bit of a rush.

A spare can help at work as well.

If you have a ev charging cable for your home and you’ll like it to remain that way, you can get another one to take around.  Hence, when you get to your electric charging station at work (or somewhere else that has a compatible outlet), you an easily get your car charged while you go about or business doing something else.

More charging means more mileage, and more mileage means more applicability.

At the end of the day, what do you have to lose?

There really isn’t anything that you have to lose by getting yourself another charging cable for your electric car.  You can speak to the experts at EV Cable Shop to ensure you buy the correct cable for your electric car or read the guide to buying an EV charging cable for additional information regarding the types of EV cables.

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