The windshield of your car does more than just offering a view of the road. It goes without saying that you need to fix broken windows and windshields as soon as the damage occurs. Driving with a cracked or chipped windshield can be really dangerous, and in many cases, this has led to serious accidents. If you want to find a windshield replacement or repair service, you need to check for the right things, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Start with the simple things. First things first, is the company licensed? Windshield repair services need to be licensed and must be insured. You may also want to know what other customers have to say about them, for which references can be handy. It is also a good idea to check for reviews online on Google.
  • Find more on insurance. Talk to the concerned windshield replacement service to know the insurances they accept, and more on deductible. The cost of repairing a chip or crack can be covered in many cases.

  • Check for mobile services. Seeking mobile auto glass repair in Glendale is more than important. Most of the time, incidences occur on the highway or away from places where you may typically find a repair service. If you want to keep the number of a company on speed dial, make sure that they offer on-road mobile assistance or can come over and do the repairs at your home.
  • Find more on windshields. Some repair services are OEM or original equipment manufacturers, while others are aftermarket services that get windshields from a vendor. Either is not bad, as long as they are using a genuine and high-quality windshield for the job. Quality is one aspect that you cannot afford to discount. The idea is to spend on a windshield that’s produced by the brand or at least of the same quality as the original one.
  • Check if they are certified. Auto glass replacement services must be certified by AGRSS. For the uninitiated, that stands for Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard. It just ensures that the service you have selected is a reliable one and not a regular subcontractor.

Other things to take note

Replacing the windshield must be a prompt thing, and you need to know if the concerned company has a quick response time. When you are stranded in the middle or the road with a broken windshield, you don’t want to wait for hours to get a replacement. Also, don’t shy away from asking questions related to the adhesives they use. An experienced company that has been dealing with windshields and auto glass for a considerable number of years is always a better choice.

The company should be able to offer an estimate in advance with all the inclusions, and this is a must, simply because you don’t want to pay for hidden charges later. Make sure that the company is available to take your queries and they should have a hotline number for easy reach. Check online now and shortlist a few services in your area.

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