Your car needs regular maintenance in order to run it smoothly. There are number of services that are needed in order to maintain the car, which can be done at the service stations. These services can be little complicated and expensive too. However, there are few preventive maintenances of the car that you too can do without visiting any Mercedes Benz service station.

Following are few car maintenance tasks that can be done by you too. In order to know more details about these maintenance activities, you may also refer to your car’s manual.

  • Checking of oil

The most important thing for ensuring good performance of your engine is by checking the oil levels regularly. The lifespan of the engine will eventually reduce, if you do not provide it with the required lubrication that it needs for running smoothly. Checking the engine oil level is quite simple. All you will need to do is lift the hood, and check the engine oil level with the dipstick. Don’t forget to switch off the engine before doing so.

Pull out the dipstick and wipe out the oil on it by using any paper towel. Now re insert the dipstick and take out again. You can see the oil level. In case you find the oil level low then you must fill the appropriate engine oil and recheck the level again.

  • Changing the oil

If you check the service manual of your car, it is mentioned that you need to change the oil after running for 7,500 miles or after every 6 months. You may make your schedule based on the time and miles that you have driven and change the oil. In case you are concerned about the engine then you can get your engine oil tested by a laboratory. By testing the oil, the laboratory can warn you about the condition of your engine.

  • Inspect tire condition

You must regularly check the air pressure of your car. In case, the pressure is low then get it filled. Due to low tire pressure you cannot get proper mileage and speed too. You may also look for worn out or inflated tire so that you may not get into emergency situation while driving on the road. If your tire is too much worn out then consider its replacement.

  • Check the air filter

It is not very difficult to access the air filter. It is usually replaced after every 30,000 miles or if it is too dirty.

  • Test the battery

Usually battery life is about 5 years. If you find difficulties in starting your engine then get the battery tested by any battery dealer.

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