Proper servicing of the any vehicle is quite crucial to ensure its smooth operation. When it comes to Mercedes-Benz too, the service interval is generally set at once every year or at 15000 km depending on which one of it comes first.

Bringing your vehicle to authorized Mercedes service workshops ensures that it operates in the way it is intended to. Most of the authorized workshops perform full car service according to manufacture guidelines. The parts scheduled for the replacement are being replaced and written confirmation of the work done is offered to customer. Let us know the importance of Mercedes-Benz service in the following section.

Why to go for Mercedes-Benz service?

  • Mercedes-Benz works with top qualified service employees. They offer you with great car service convenience. You can choose from a wide array of options that can best fit your needs.
  • Once the service is done, an invoice is given to the customers and each detail is properly explained to them. It allows them to know for what service they are actually paying.
  • No matter whether you will drop off your vehicle or get it collected by the Mercedes-Benz, they will ensure a pre-service check of knows the issues you might have experienced.
  • Only authentic spare parts that meet high quality standards in terms of both durability and safety are used to replace the worn-out parts.
  • The services offered are transparent and outstanding. Each of the consumers is informed about the services he gets in detail and even explained why it is important. Maintaining proper service record improves the car’s value greatly in the long run.

  • After the service, the car will go through thorough clean up both inside as well as out.

What does the service include?

  • Clean up of A/C system
  • Vehicle reception protocol
  • Adding fuel additive
  • Changing oil and filter
  • Inspecting the brake fluid level
  • Adding screen wash additive
  • Brake test
  • Cleaning water deflector in the engine compartment
  • Replace A/c system combination filter
  • Replacement of air filter element
  • Adding fuel additive
  • Checking trunk illumination function
  • Checking body for any paintwork damage
  • Checking poly-V belt for any wear
  • Check out all the visible parts in the engine compartment
  • Checking chassis panels and loading the bearing body panels

Apart from repairing your vehicle, the best service workshop provides you with great amenities to make your experience smooth. So, make sure to go for it right away!

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