Mercedes Benz G-class model series has dominated the luxurious off-road vehicles. In 2019, new enhanced model is going to be introduced, which allows for great off-road capabilities.

Mercedes Benz engineers have been dedicated in inventing ways to avoid unfortunate event, which they hoped never occurs. You can witness all the safety features in Mercedes Benz models, which keeps all the drivers confident behind the steering wheels driving on sand or rough terrains.

There are many reasons why Mercedes G class is regarded as a classic beauty. Let’s look at its design, performance, and safety aspects to get an idea.


Appealing and long lasting

It was basically created to overcome the challenges of 6 continents. This 36 years old G-class evolution keeps improving. From its classic vertical shape to its advanced lighting, its focused elegance is indisputable and unique. Every facade of G-class reveals its confidence and capabilities to move smoothly on any kind of earth’s surface.

Feels like a unique SUV

The galvanized steel body and sturdy ladder frame is hand welded. Hot wax is poured on the frames to resist corrosion. Its wiring is connected manually. Each G-class takes minimum 40 hours to get crafted by hand. The G-class that comes to life is of premium quality bestowed with strength and firm character.

Wood and leather

Exquisitely handcrafted cabin trim and design leather, you get wide personalization options including four woods & carbon fibers as well as 8 colors of leather. The G63 package offer 5 leather colors with unique diamond patterned stitches.


3-lockable differentials

The 3-lockable differentials provide more and more masterful capabilities, while driving off-road. You can lock each differential in sequence [center, rear & front] using buttons on the dashboard to maintain perfect balance of traction and torque, during rough conditions.

Engine 382-hp G550 V-8

Engine generates 391 lb/ft torque with exceptional 75% on tap at 1, 000 rpm. The aluminium engine block is dye-casted with solid bedplate to reduce weight and not its toughness. Variable timing in the engine’s intake & exhaust valves improves emissions and efficiency.

All-wheel-drive system

The 4-wheel ETS system ensures that all wheels get enough torque for surefooted grip on wet and snowy roads. While driving off-roads the locking differential help to overcome loose, muddy, or uneven terrains.


  • Distronic Plus cruise control for safe and comfortable cruising.
  • Rearview mirror, blind spot assist, and Parktronic to sense the surroundings.
  • Presafe system senses collision in advance and makes adjustment.
  • Attention Assist feature helps in long journey. It detects errors in driving style and encourages stopping and resting.
  • Mbrace connects your G-class and you with the world
  • Advanced entertainment, communication, and navigation system works with intuitive ease.
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