Like all other cars, Mercedes cars also need regular maintenance and up keeping so that it can continue to provide you better service. It is always advisable to follow the recommended maintenance schedule as mentioned in the manual provided to you when you purchased your vehicle. Also, for any repair or servicing visit any authorized dealer so that you get all the warranties provided by the car maker. Also you will be assured of genuine spare parts if any parts need replacement.

Following are few tips for Mercedes Benz service and maintenance.

  • Check the oil level

You must park your vehicle on level surface. Switch off the engine for at least 5 minutes if the vehicle was at normal operating temperature and 30 minutes if it was running. Pull out the oil dipstick from the guide tube. Wipe off the oil from dipstick. Now insert the dipstick into guide tube till end and take out again. If the level is within minimum and maximum limit then the level is correct. If the level is low then pour oil.

  • Check the cooling system

Cooling system contains distilled water and coolant in 50:50 ratio. Check the coolant level when the vehicle is parked on a level surface. It can prevent corrosion and other deposits that can develop inside the cooling system. You can check the coolant temperature on the display by keeping the Smart key position in 2 in ignition lock. Its temperature must be below 158-degree F or 70-degree C.

  • Wash the car occasionally

You must keep the exterior of the car clean by washing regularly. You can spray water splash to clean. After drying the car, you can use suitable polishing cream to wipe the car thoroughly so that it remains in shining condition. Also, try to maintain cleanliness in the interior of the car.

  • Keep your ears and eyes open while driving

You may periodically inspect your car thoroughly to check for any dent mark or scratches that is developed on the surface of the car and take appropriate action, also try to listen if there is any abnormal sound observed while driving. Make sure that brake is functioning normally and brake oil level must be checked.

  • Maintain proper tire pressure

For better fuel efficiency it is essential that tire pressure of your car is properly maintained at appropriate levels. Also make sure that the tire is in good condition.

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